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Course Description

This course will teach the current state-of-the-art knowledge of DNA repair pathways that the cell uses to maintain a stable genome, including double-strand break repair, gap repair, repair and replication through DNA structures and chromatin, and consequences of inappropriate repair for cell health and cancer initiation. It will also cover current genome editing technologies including CRISPR-Cas9, Adenovirus-mediated gene delivery for gene therapy, and RNAi. The course will have both a lecture component and a presentation/discussion component emphasizing reading of original journal articles in these fields and techniques used to make discoveries. Prerequisites: A prior course in Genetics and/or Molecular Biology is highly recommended.

Basic Enrollment Requirements: Unofficial Transcript – Bachelor’s Degree, or progress towards a Bachelor’s Degree + 3.0 GPA.

Instructor Approval: Required; Please email the instructor of this course to request permission to enroll. Please include a resume and a short statement documenting 3+ years experience in the Biology, Biotech, or related industries. You may register for this course before receiving approval, but your enrollment will not be confirmed until approval is received. Please contact us at if you have not heard back from your instructor.

Remission Eligible: Yes; first day of term; all university policies apply.

Refund Policy: Course Policy 1

Affiliated With:

School of Arts & Sciences