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In-person options are back! Please note enrollment for in-person courses will require documentation of vaccination or an approved medical or religious accommodation, as well as adherence with Tufts' broader Covid-19 Protocols.

SMFA at Tufts Continuing Education

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Art education for every artist.

SMFA's Continuing Education courses, workshops, and certificates foster creative exploration for individuals at every stage of their artistic journey—from novices ready to learn the fundamentals of visual expression to seasoned artists in search of master-level techniques or exposure to new materials and techniques.

Browse a variety of courses and workshops by medium, by day, or by semester, explore our certificate programs and programs for pre-college and high school students, or consider one of our winter session workshops.  

Explore opportunities in these topics:

  • Still Life Painting
  • Analog Photography
  • Animation
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Anatomical Drawing
  • Typography
  • Color Theory



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Certificate in Virtual Reality

COMING SOON - The certificate in Virtual Reality brings a flexible, intensive, skills-oriented program to students and professionals interested in the intersection of art and technology. Through six short courses, students are given the skills to tackle virtual reality environment design for application in a variety of fields.

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Winter Workshops

Renew your creativity this new year! Explore one to three day online workshops this winter. Capture your surroundings in Landscape Painting, explore techniques in portraiture with Portrait Drawing, engage in self-exploration with If I Were a Book, or turn up the volume on your freelance business with Freelancing 101 for Creatives.

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Summer Pre-College Programs

Check out Summer 2022 programs for high-school artists. The signature Studio Art Intensive program welcomes advanced art students looking to take art school for a test drive. The Graphic Design Bootcamp invites creative students interested in the digital arts umbrella to a week of Adobe Creative Cloud instruction and career exploration.

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Certificate in Graphic Design

The certificate in Graphic Design provides you with the practical and theoretical skills of a design professional. Throughout the program you will learn from a team of faculty with extensive teaching experience and recognition in their field.

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Certificate in Illustration

The certificate in Illustration provides you with a solid foundation for creating illustrations, learning illustrative techniques, and understanding an illustrator's creative process.

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Dual Certificate in Graphic Design and Illustration

The dual certificate program offers you the opportunity to explore and develop a broad range of graphic design and illustration skills, techniques, theory, and applications. This program allows for flexibility in concentration according to the goals of each student.

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Faculty Spotlight

Michael MacMahon, Part-Time Lecturer

Michael MacMahon is originally from Ireland and now resides in the United States. He has shown work both nationally and internationally. He was recently awarded Boston's Dana Pond award for painting and maintains a rigorous studio practice. His paintings explore a diverse group set of subjects not limited to but including artistic and political history, methods of mass communication and explorations in color theory.

In addition to painting he has enjoyed trans-disciplinary opportunities that bridge art and other ventures. He was program coordinator for Synergy an art and science collaboration between local artists and MIT.

He is part of the painting faculty at School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and has been a visiting artist to numerous institutions, most recently The University of Massachusetts and SEA Semester at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


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Our Continuing and Professional Education courses, workshops and certificates, as well as Courses for High schoolers options, provide the perfect selection of topics and schedules for a variety of students no matter where they are on their educational journey.

Explore our options today, no matter who you are:

  • A visiting undergrad or grad student
  • A high-school student looking for a rigorous preview of college academics
  • An adult professional looking to further their career or pursue a lifelong passion
  • A retiree looking to fill some free time or meet new people with similar interests
  • Any student looking to continue their life-long journey at one of the top 30 universities in the country

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