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Enhance your knowledge of the latest nutrition science.

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Learn the Science of Nutrition

Tufts nutrition courses are for everyone—whether you are an established or emerging nutrition professional, or a curious learner who wants to know more about the food you eat. A virtual course at Tufts' top-ranked Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy can help you learn about the latest nutrition science. You can choose to enroll in one course, or work toward a nutrition-focused Tufts Certificate of Graduate Studies. You’ll learn alongside fellow nutrition enthusiasts and build your skills and knowledge to achieve your personal or professional goals.


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Serving a Healthy Diet

Fall Semester

Diane L McKay | Online

In a world of conflicting food messages, how do we know which foods are good for us? What is the evidence for why you might want to incorporate foods like leafy greens, beans and berries more often into the meals you prepare? How do you construct a menu that tastes good, meets the nutrient and health requirements for an individual or group, and is culturally appropriate and responsibly sourced?

Planning and implementing healthy meals for customers, clients, family, and friends can pose a challenge. In this course we explore the relationship between diet and health by examining the habitual eating patterns that have been shown to prevent chronic diet-related conditions. We learn about the nutritional components of the foods and beverages commonly present in these healthy eating patterns and to implement strategies that will help those we serve make better food choices.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe healthful dietary patterns and summarize their common factors.
  • Identify the healthful properties of foods, how to responsibly source those foods, and how preparation influences their properties.
  • Create a healthful dish based on principles of maximizing flavor while mitigating chronic disease risk.

Nutrition and Innovation

Fall Semester

Barbara Lyle | Online

Have you ever thought: This would is a great idea for a new nutrition product or service, but didn't get very far in pitching the idea to others? In this class you will develop skills for identifying and advocating solutions to important consumer needs through case studies, team discussions, and real-life assignments. You'll gain experience cultivating an innovator's mindset in order to effectively understand real consumer needs, identify, improve and prioritize solutions, and take your idea pitching skills to a new level. What you learn in this course applies to those engaged in industry as well as more broadly in the health field, including public and community health.




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