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This course will explore the fascinating interconnections between different cultures across the globe. Students will examine how Anthropologists have made profound discoveries about the ways cultural forces, commodities, religious beliefs, and traditions “travel” across national and linguistic boundaries and how they become “hybrid” and reinvented in the process. This course on globalization fulfills one of the Department of Anthropology’s requirements for majors. It will, therefore, provide a foundation for understanding what Anthropologists do, what kind of research they engage in, and how they have examined the diversity of human cultural expression.

This class will take students around the world and down the block from the slums of revolutionary Nicaragua in the 1980s, to African-American neighborhoods in Boston, to the heavily policed Mexican-US border, to the spread of Islamophopia and White Supremacy in the age of Trump, to post-Hiroshima Japan. Course themes include youth protest movements, including the emerging anti-gun and violence campaigns in the US, the invention of modern notions of race and racism, the performance of gender and sexuality cross-culturally, film and visual culture, music and dance, advertisements, urban space, and revolution. Readings include the works of Edward Said, Paul Farmer, bell hooks, Angela Davis, Margaret Mead, Franz Boas, Sarah Pinto, and Franz Fanon.

This course fulfills the following requirements:

LA-Distribution-Social Sciences, SoE-HASS-Social Sciences

All majors are welcome. There are no pre-requisites.

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