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For Credit

  • For students seeking the full academic experience, Tufts offers hundreds of courses for credit. Take a course, receive a grade, and apply credits towards a degree or certificate.
  • Tufts degree students login to SIS to register


  • Tufts offers the opportunity to audit courses for students who want to enjoy learning without a grade.
  • Sit in on a class, participate, and explore a new passion, or preview material for future academic endeavors.

Workshop / Short Courses

  • Get quick skills under your belt or onto your resume or explore a topic in a condensed period of time.
  • Ranging anywhere from a few hours to multi-week sessions, workshops and short courses allow students to briefly expore into a specific topic or subject.

Courses for High Schoolers

  • Qualified high school students are welcome to take courses at Tufts every term.
  • Earn college credit and experience college life and academics

Areas of Study

We have divided our courses into the following Ares of Study to help all of you, our existing and potential students, find the course, workshop, or certificate program that you are looking for.


Art education for every artist

SMFA's Continuing Education courses, workshops, and certificates foster creative exploration for individuals at every stage of their artistic journey—from novices ready to learn the fundamentals of visual expression to seasoned artists in search of master-level techniques or exposure to new materials and techniques.

side profile of a man with blonde hair and a beard in a flannel shirt
Featured Faculty - Michael MacMahon


Michael MacMahon is originally from Ireland and now resides in the United States. He has shown work both nationally and internationally. He was recently awarded Boston's Dana Pond award for painting and maintains a rigorous studio practice. His paintings explore a diverse group set of subjects not limited to but including artistic and political history, methods of mass communication and explorations in color theory.

In addition to painting he has enjoyed trans-disciplinary opportunities that bridge art and other ventures. He was program coordinator for Synergy an art and science collaboration between local artists and MIT.

He is part of the painting faculty at School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and has been a visiting artist to numerous institutions, most recently The University of Massachusetts and SEA Semester at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Explore opportunities in these topics
  • Still Life Painting
  • Analog Photography
  • Animation
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Anatomical Drawing
  • Typography
  • Color Theory
Enhance your knowledge

Tufts nutrition courses are for everyone—whether you are an established or emerging nutrition professional, or a curious learner who wants to know more about the food you eat. A virtual course at Tufts' top-ranked Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy can help you learn about the latest nutrition science. You can choose to enroll in one course, or work toward a nutrition-focused Tufts Certificate of Graduate Studies. You’ll learn alongside fellow nutrition enthusiasts and build your skills and knowledge to achieve your personal or professional goals.

Course Highlight - Serving a Healthy Diet


In a world of conflicting food messages, planning and implementing healthy meals for customers, clients, family and friends can pose a challenge. How do you construct a menu that tastes good, meets the nutrient and health requirements for an individual or group, and is culturally appropriate and responsibly sourced?

Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy offers a 6-week short course to explore these questions and more.

Explore opportunities in these topics
  • Serving a Healthy Diet
  • Human Nutrition
  • Management of Health and Nutrition NGOs
  • Nutrition and Consumer Marketing
Think Critically with Tufts

Explore the richness of human thought and the arts at Tufts University. Our open enrollment courses across a variety of topics can help students, no matter where they are on their journey, to develop the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary in today’s fast-paced world. Enroll today!

Course Highlight: Creative Writing


Are you passionate about writing? Do you have a novel in the works or a side project you keep meaning to get to? 

Creative Writing provides an introduction to fiction writing, with the opportunity to practice and workshop short stories and study pieces of contemporary fiction. Unlock your creativity and find your voice. 

Explore opportunities in these topics:
  • Art History & Architecture
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Studies
  • Film & Media
  • Global languages
  • History
  • Philosophy & Ethics
  • Public Speaking
Make your next move

Are you an ambitious professional looking to make your next career move in the business management? Consider an option from our Business and Management Area of Study as part of our Courses at Tufts program. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with Tufts award winning faculty and staff from The Gordon Institute and our School of Arts & Sciences, connect with other future leaders, and add additional skills and experiences to your resume.

This selection of available courses can help build your expertise and confidence while you develop greater leadership skills. Topics range from economics, finance, and project management to communications, branding strategy, operations and much more.

Course Highlight: Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma, previously offered in person and online asynchronous formats, provides instruction in the principles and methods for process improvement by eliminating non-value added work and reducing output variability. Learn how to utilize critical tools such as the define-measure-analyze-improve-control problem-solving methodology, statistical process control, statistically designed experiments and risk identification and mitigation strategies.

Explore opportunities in these topics
  • Business & Trade Law
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cyber Security
  • Finance & Reporting
  • Marketing
  • New Product Development
  • Negotiation
  • Product Managment
Become a Leader

For over 85 years, the Fletcher School at Tufts University has prepared students for positions of national and international leadership and influence. In addition, Tufts' School of Arts and Sciences offers an array of political science courses within a multidisciplinary academic program to propel students into careers of global impact across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

School Highlight: The Fletcher School

The Fletcher School at Tufts University works to educate and prepare its students for positions of national and international leadership and influence. Fletcher offers a broad suite of professional degree programs to serve students across interests and careers. 

Explore opportunities in these topics:
  • National Security
  • Media & Politics
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Latin American Politics
  • Soviet Politics
  • Nuclear Weapons
Dive into In-Demand Fields

Are you looking to enhance your resume by building your data, biotechnology, or engineering skills? Whether you are just starting out or have an established career, Courses at Tufts can help you get to the next level.
Our class interests range from 3D printing, DNA techniques, & epidemiology to computer science, data structure, AI, machine learning, and statistics. You’ll join a community of learners who are just as passionate and driven as you are.

Course Highlight: Introduction to Data Analytics


Introduction to Data Analytics, hosted by Tufts Gordon Institute, provides students with the knowledge to gather, analyze, and interpret data to drive strategic and operational success in technology-based companies. Develop skills to make data-based decisions with uncertain or ambiguous conditions, and develop models for decision-making in a business setting.

Explore opportunities in these topics
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Visualization
  • Programming Languages
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Technical Engineering Disciplines
Deepen Your Knowledge

Are you looking to enhance your resume by building your science or math skills? We have a class for every interest, from calculus to chemistry and more. Explore your passion with Tufts’ wide range of Science & Mathematics courses. You’ll join a community of learners who are just as passionate and driven as you are.

Department Highlight: Biology


Are you an aspiring biologist or pursuing a career in health and medicine? Take a course from our wide selection of offerings in biology. From plant physiology to general genetics, we have a course to suit your interests.

Explore opportunities in these topics:
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Science, Technology, & Society
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
Explore the Wide World of Medicine

Take the next step in your health or medical career with us and dive into courses on all aspects of health, including science and policy around the medical, dental, and veterinary fields. Tufts has been educating future health and medical professionals for over 100 years—come join our learning community.

Course Highlight: Scientific Manuscript Writing


Scientific Manuscript Writing, hosted by Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, focuses on principles of scientific manuscript writing. Learn how to develop a manuscript by reviewing the specific issues of style, authorship and volume of information that should be incorporated into a research paper.

Explore opportunities in these topics
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Community Health
  • Occupational Therapy
Delve into Human Nature

Explore the human experience with faculty and staff from Tufts' award winning School of Arts & Sciences. Subjects in this Area of Study include political science, psychology, perception, family relationships, and coping. Enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills or simply indulge yourself in topics that expand your knowledge of human nature and society.

Tufts students relaxing in front of Ballou Hall
Course Highlight: Social Psychology


Social Psychology will help students understand how situations and the people around us influence our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Learn about aggression, attitudes, attraction, attribution, conformity, group processes, helping behavior, non-verbal behavior, self-knowledge, social cognition, social influence, and stereotypes and prejudice, and apply social psychological concepts to topics such as health, intergroup relations, and law. 

Explore opportunities in these topics:
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Gender Studies
  • Social Psychology
Grow as an Educator

Our education courses are designed for passionate teachers at every stage in their career. Whether you’re looking to gain foundational knowledge in a new discipline, learn about the challenges facing your students, or simply continue to be the best educator you can, Tufts has an education course for you.

Our unique variety of programs provides collaborative opportunities across the university and our surrounding communities. And, you can connect with teachers who are veteran educators as well as your peer students, to truly join a community of educators at Tufts.

Program Highlight: Teaching the Great Diseases


Tufts School of Medicine - Public Health & Professional Degrees offers the Teaching the Great Diseases program for high school biology teachers to access cutting edge biomedical sciences through a suite of online graduate-level mini courses.

These courses are designed to be flexible, short-duration, and affordable. Dive into the curriculum today!

Explore opportunities in these topics
  • Teaching the Great Diseases
  • Child Study & Human Development
  • Education
  • Teacher Engineering / Education Programs
Make a Difference

Are you interested in learning more about how our societies can become more sustainable and environmentally friendly? Our courses include topics like urban planning, environmental policy, and much more. Take the next step in your personal or career path to make a difference in the environment today.

Online Classes at Tufts
Course Highlight: Introduction to GIS


Introduction to GIS provides a broad foundation of Geographic Information Systems theory, capabilities, technology, and applications. Learn about GIS data discovery, data structure and management, principles of cartographic visualization, and basic spatial analysis and modeling. Apply concepts covered in lectures and class exercises to term projects in your field of interest.

Explore opportunities in these topics:
  • Environmental Studies
  • Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

"Through University College, I was able to sample engineering and project management classes. My great experiences in these early classes proved that I should go for a full degree, and I’m now enrolled in the two-year Master of Science in Engineering Management program.”

Sally B. - Tufts University Employee & Student

Robert Siegelman's approach of confidence, play and experimentation is exactly what I need right now. Helping me lean into my own ideas, and also stretch my awareness both through seeing a huge variety of work and by communicating with the other students in the class. His stressing a daily practice is also life changing.

Mixed Media Drawing - Student, 2020

The classes were great and teacher receptive, friendly, and provided excellent classes.

Courses at Tufts - Student, 2019


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