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Featured Program: Tufts Campaign School 2020!

Tufts Campaign School 2020!

Be a part of the process and join Tufts Campaign School! Offered January 5-11 2020 by the Tisch College of Civic Life for Tufts and non-Tufts undergraduates.

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Tufts Campaign School 2020!

Build the skills needed to staff political campaigns, gather perspectives from campaign leaders, reporters, and former candidates, and actively engage with many aspects of today’s campaigns – from issues data analysis and polling to fieldwork to communications.

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Flexible Learning Options

Any season:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Any campus:

Medford, Boston, Grafton... and Online

Any school:

  • Arts & Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Fine Arts
  • Nutrition
  • Veterinary
  • Public Health
  • Law & Diplomacy
  • Biomedical Sciences 

I literally have made really good friends from the town right next to mine and other friends from across the world. I feel like that is such a valuable thing because it helps me develop a more wide look at the world.

Two female students posing and smiling in front of the Fletcher School at Tufts university.

Courses and professors are great! They are kind, approachable, understanding, and helpful. I also love the lifestyle here. I love the library as there are many nice areas that motivate me to study. I have got many new experiences and perspectives about living and my interests.

A medical professor lectures to two students in a medical lab with a mannequin in Tufts University's Boston Health Sciences campus.

It was the best summer I’ve ever had because of Tufts

It was nothing like I ever experienced. I grew so much

I experienced something new and met great people along the way.

I like the freedom and the fact that this felt a lot like college… Additionally, I was really fond of my classes and my professor. The classes were amazing and it was a new and better learning experience for me.

This is a program really treats you as an admitted college student, and if you want to know what's like to be a college student, how it feels to work with college professors, and what your interested area is specifically about, this is the perfect program you've been looking for. 

A scintillating academic experience that I'm extremely lucky to have had.

The classes were great and teacher receptive, friendly, and provided excellent classes.

I loved everything. I loved the classes and my peers.

I really appreciated the smaller class sizes, the quality of the teaching staff, and the availability of parking!

I very truly enjoyed the class that I took.  The instructor was amazing.  My classmates were gifted.  Taking the course persuaded me to begin working on my application materials to apply to a graduate certificate in UEP

As my first time taking an online college class, I really had a great time taking the course! [My professor] was understanding and super helpful when I had any questions. Also when I would email her she would always get back to me right away which I really loved… my experience was great!

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