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Summer 2022 Pre-College Programs

This summer Tufts Pre-College Programs will offer a variety of in-person and virtual programs for high school students like you, who are looking for the rigorous challenges of college level academia, with the potential of earning college credits and experiencing our robust campus-life, student, faculty and staff networking, as well as social opportunities. We have something for everyone this summer, applications are now open!

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SMFA Continuing Education at Tufts summer enrollment is open!

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Continuing Education unit offers creative exploration for individuals at every stage of their artistic journey—from novices ready to learn the fundamentals of visual expression to seasoned artists in search of master-level techniques or exposure to new materials and techniques.  Check out the SMFA at Tufts certificate program options - including our new Virtual Reality certificate program launching this summer.  Summer courses and workshops are enrolling now!

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OSHER - Lifelong Learning at Tufts

The OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts University seeks to engage the minds and foster the well-being of intellectually curious older adults through a wide range of educational and social programs, including lectures, interactive study groups, special-interest clubs, and more, all offered in a welcoming, pressure-free environment. The Institute is self-governing through volunteer-based committees made up of our members. If you have a curious mind and an interest in learning, we invite you to consider joining us today!

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I had the wonderful opportunity to take a public speaking course this summer through Tufts. This class was extremely engaging, despite the restrictions of online learning. We began each lesson with exercises, each student would alternate leading the class on warmups, we were given time to produce a short speech to present during class time, and had a chance to watch videos of successful speeches to emulate. Our assignments included recording a draft speech to be uploaded onto Canvas, and we gave comments and suggestions to our classmates to help them improve for the final speech. This particular course opened my eyes to the beauty of speaking in public and the communication skills needed to interact with others. I felt the progress and improvement by the end of this program and can’t believe my development throughout those weeks.

Public Speaking - Student, 2020

The T.A.s were extremely helpful. Even though Sofia had a very limited prior experience with coding, she never felt overwhelmed because she knew that she can always ask for help. Well Done by all the staff members!

Parent - Engineering Design Lab - 2021

In June 2006 I walked out of a 36-year teaching career and walked into life as a student again. I've taken fun and stimulating Osher classes, met wonderful, engaged people and enjoyed cultural and social experiences ever since. Tufts Osher Institute has enriched me beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks to all.

Osher Institute at Tufts Member - 2021

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